About: Rust Trade Organization

The Rust Trade Organization (hereby known as The RTO) aims to be a starting point for the introduction of Institutionalized Capitalism into Rust. While independent traders have existed throughout the life of the game, they’ve often only been as safe as their immediate group allowed them to be. (ie Solo’s could only defend as much as a Solo can, four player groups could only defend so much as four player groups can etc)

There are a few clear issues with the economy of Rust:

  • Raiding is expensive
  • Components are both finite and random
  • Independent Traders are vulnerable
  • There is no standardized Economy

The RTO aims to empower these Traders through the use of reputation and efficiency.  It is often far more profitable to trade then it is to raid, trading isn’t inherently expensive nor does it carry the same level of risk of low-payout as raiding does.

The biggest issue facing Independent Traders is their vulnerability while scavenging for supplies. Why trade when you can just steal? Efficiency is key; Any players to be found stealing from, or in any other way affecting the livelihood of, an Official RTO Trader will be blacklisted from trading with all Official RTO Traders regardless of server, region or update. The more the RTO expands its list Official Traders, the more inconvenient this blacklist will become for players.

This blacklist system will be in effect at all times, so if for example you kill and loot a RTO Trader while their farming early on wipe day, you will be affected by it unless you actively make an effort to compensate them to your fullest ability. Inversely, it is suggested, if possible, for an RTO Trader to state their affiliation with RTO, their RTO ID and inform the attacker about the Blacklist if they continue their assault on them (the trader).

Check the Official Discord for more information and discussion about the Rust Trade Organization