RTO MRSP Price List

The RTO MRSP (Market Retail Suggested Price) Price List is an inventory of items, their scrap or scrap-equivalent costs that is used in order to help promote a stable and standardized economy. This is a first draft and subject to many changes depending on community feedback and developer updates of Rust itself. (For example, if the Scrap Cost of an item is changed in-game, then that change should be reflected here).

There are a few standard guidelines for Prices in the RTO

  • Traders sell items for scrap at full cost (with the exception of people who may hold discounts)
  • Traders will buy items for Scrap at a reduced cost, typically 20-50% off
  • Sheet Metal and or Turret Parts are noted exceptions due to their crucial nature in Component Trading

Item : Cost

Rifle Body: 250 Scrap

Tech Thrash: 100 Scrap

SMG Body: 75 Scrap

Semi-Automatic Body: 50 Scrap

Spring: 50 Scrap

Gear: 30 Scrap

Metal Sheet: 30 Scrap

Metal Pipe: 20 Scrap

Roadsign: 20 Scrap

Metal Blade: 20 Scrap

Metal Blade: 10 Scrap

Rope, Laptops, CCTV, Sewing Kits and Hazmat have no defined Scrap value as of yet so they’ll require review by peers before we can come to a conclusion on that.

Similarly, Scrap doesn’t have a defined exchange rate with raw resource materials, so we’re also a bit limited in regards to them as well as the items they make. This again requires more peer review and experimentation.